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The one and only Puppy Guide for New Jersey in 2024
I'm not a fluff kind of person - everyone has busy lives, so i'm going to save you time, by getting straight to the point. Making it a concise, yet comprehensive guide on how to prepare and live with your puppy or newly adopted dog.Viel Vergnügen! 🙂 Getting...
Top 6 Reasons to Hire a Professional Cat Sitter in New Jersey
Choosing the best cat sitting service is crucial for the well-being of your fur baby while you're away. In South Orange, Maplewood and surrounding towns, the Silver Hound team offers unparalleled expertise and care to ensure your cat receives the attention and comfort...
Dog Walking vs. Doggy Daycare in Maplewood & South Orange – An Overview
Having a dog brings so much joy, but it also means we have the responsibility of ensuring their needs are met. One big decision is whether to hire a dog walker or send our furry friends to doggy daycare. It's like choosing between a personal buddy for your dog or a...
Why Silver Hound Dog Walking is Your Trusted Partner for Pet Care
You might be looking at all the dog walking & cat sitting companies in the area and start to wonder: Why them?What makes them better over the others? Why should I trust them with my pet and not any of the other companies? We Are Locals. Our dog walkers, cat...
Does my dog really love me?
Dogs emotional level = Toddler's emotional level? Most researchers have come to the conclusion that the range of emotions in a dog equals that of a human who is about 2.5 years old. As infants we start off with one of our first emotions, called excitement. Within the...
9 Surprising Strategies to Deepen Your Bond with Your Cat
  There are 9 great strategies to deepen the bond your cat and i promise you from the bottom of my furry heart ... if you follow all of these Tips you will see a dramatic improvement in how your cat treats and loves you. Facts about cats to lay out the ground...


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