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Dog Walking &
Cat Sitting

Whether you need midday dog walking or vacation cat sitting services, we are here to spoil your fur babies and give you the peace of mind. 

How we are different


We are 5 star rated on Yelp and Google.

Ease of Use

Convenient 24/7 online scheduling and payment system.


Receive a Pet Journal via Email after each visit.

Peace of Mind

Fully Insured & Bonded. Employees are criminally background checked.


We are Pet CPR/First Aid certified.


Our promise of Quality Care.
We stand by our promise.

Backup Coverage

By having multiple team members we provide additional peace of mind.


We treat your pets like they are our own.

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We offer daily dog walks to ensure your pooch enjoys consistent exercise and individual attention, supporting you with any training routines.

Daily midday dog walks are Monday through Friday between 11 am – 3 pm.

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Your kitty has special needs distinct from our canine friends. Each cat is unique and we are always available to discuss your specific cat sitting needs.

We provide specialized cat sitting service, giving your cat everything it needs, plus all they deserve.

LOVINGLY SERVING most of essex county SINCE 2014.

We can’t wait to welcome you and your fur babies to our Silver Hound family ❤️.

Satisfied Clients


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From our clients

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The Owners

Find out who is behind Silver Hound Dog Walking.

It’s hard to see her without a smile on her face – that’s because she followed her passion of caring for animals and taking away the worry for their parents after she experienced the soulless grind of Corporate America.

She is making sure everything runs seemlessly.

Zue Kupfer

Founder & Co-Owner

At a very young age, O’Brian felt three passions: animals, music & teaching. He followed all of them at various times and today can successfully call himself an animal whisperer, musical artist & metaphysical teacher.

He is the warm heart behind the company.

O'Brian Grady



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