Why Silver Hound Dog Walking is Your Trusted Partner for Pet Care

by | Nov 29, 2023 | About us

You might be looking at all the dog walking & cat sitting companies in the area and start to wonder: Why them?
What makes them better over the others? Why should I trust them with my pet and not any of the other companies?

We Are Locals.

Our dog walkers, cat sitters are all from the same towns our clients live in. They are part of the community. You might see them outside of work with their kids grabbing a pizza pie, as you are sitting there with your family.

Decades Of Pet Experience.

The owners – O’Brian and Zue (hi, that’s me!) – have a combined professional pet care experience of more than 2 decades & general combined experience with their own pets of more than 74 years. We know how to fulfil the emotional and physical needs of dogs, cats and other small animals. It’s what we love doing, which brings me to the third reason …

We Love What We Do. 

All of us. Not only the owners, but especially our dog walkers and cat sitters. Every single one of us prefers to cuddle with the dog or cat at a party over mingling with other humans. It’s in our DNA. When we hire, we look for pet geeks like that and are proud to have them on our team!

Strict Vetting Process.

When we hire we don’t look for animal experience only within our candidates. We are digging deeper. We are finding out if they are matching Silver Hound’s work ethic (e.g. punctuality, attention to detail, honesty), running a background check and talking to their references. 

Rigorous Training.

Our training process is about 2 weeks long. During that time our trainees learn everything from how to hold the leash the right way, to the need to only pay attention to the dog (not their phone) and everything in between. We have developed a training manual with videos to educate our employees on how to do their job in the safest and most loving way possible.

We Are Well Organized.

I had the idea to found Silver Hound Dog Walking in 2013. I knew from the beginning that I would make use of my corporate experience as a District Manager. Which means to approach everything in a professional manner through and through. After all, we are dealing with pet’s lives every single day! So the more organized everything is, the more everything runs in a smooth way. This way mistakes are rarely happening. With that, we make use of a professional pet sitting software, which shows all the visits. Also, we created our Standard of Operations Procedure Manual and an Employee Handbook. We revise these documents at times to stay on the top of our game, which ensures the quality of dog walks and cat sits.


When you choose Silver Hound, you’re welcoming a team of pet-loving professionals into your extended family.

We take pride in every step of our process.

We are unwavering in our commitment to providing the highest level of care for your dog, cat or small animal.

It’s up to you to try out our services and see if you can trust us.

But we guarantee you we will treat your pets with the love, respect and expertise they and you deserve.

Join the Silver Hound family today, and experience the difference for yourself.

Your pets will thank you for it!

Written by Zue Kupfer

Zue is the owner of Silver Hound Dog Walking and is currently responsible for everything behind the scenes. Chances are very high that you are going to email or talk with her.

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