There are 10 great ways to greatly improve the relationship with your cat and i promise you from the bottom of my furry heart … if you follow all of these Tips you will see a dramatic improvement in how your cat treats and loves you.

First off here some facts about cats first to lay out the ground work:

  1. Cats are just not dogs – stop comparing them
  2. You have to earn the trust of an adult cat (just like with people have to with you, right?)
  3. Cats can sense if you are up to no good
  4. Cats are honest and not deceiving (meaning for a treat or so ;))
  5. Cats just like any other animal want to feel loved

So how can you improve your relationship with your cat?

  1. Treat them with respect.
    Cats get insulted and they remember!
    Just because you are stronger and bigger does not mean you can just push or kick a cat out of your way.
  2. Cuddle with her and greet her when you come home.
    Yes you can actually also make the effort of picking your cat up and cuddle with her – why should they always have to come to you? 😉
    Soon they will look forward when you step in to the door.
    Our cats are always coming out to greet us when we come home. The next 5 minutes thereafter are spent cuddling and loving on each other.
  3. Play with your cat.
    A crumpled up paper means a blast for a lot of kitties.
    Some cats like noisy things and some hate it.
    Stay away from feathery toys and anything that can turn into little pieces and be digested – cats naturally love to claw and chew on things.
    We recommend these foam rainbow balls and love stick toys like this one.
  4. Let her do her natural thing – scratching!
    Support her in her natural urge to scratch and sharpen her claws.
    Of course no one wants your sofa or furniture pieces to suffer, so give her enough opportunities to scratch it away.
    We love this $40 Frisco Cat Tree that is big enough for some of the bigger kitties to jump on, hide in and scratch on.
  5. Don’t see your cat as something you own (yes by law you own the cat), but as your family member.
  6. Feed your cats quality wet food multiple times/day and give her filtered water.
    We love love this Zero Water Filter Pitcher. Maplewood and South Orange are not known for clean and safe tap water.
    Everyone is healthier and with that happier when provided with high quality food and water. Your cat will thank you!
  7. Use natural highly-effective cat litter.
    We have encountered virtually every single cat litter type and brand and just like the name says: The World’s Best Cat Litter is by far the Best. It is natural, doesn’t smell like some weird perfume and it’s environment-friendly.
  8. Do NOT give them unnecessary immunizations. Do your own research.
    The hands of Veterinarians are often tied by their own industry which requires them to give your cats unnecessary vaccinations with the risk of losing their license if they fail to do so. Money rules in every industry.
  9. If she seems off in any way – sleeps more, cuddles more than usual, makes noises, walks funny, throws up, drinks a lot, doesn’t eat, etc – have a vet check her out as soon as possible. Your cat is hard wired to try to mask any pain for as long as possible.
  10. Get an amazing cat sitter when you are going on vacation
    … and have them visit your cat every single day. Things can go awry fast with these jumpy and playful creatures.
    Look no further than us at Silver Hound obviously 🙂 – we love each and every cat just like our own and will be more than happy to give them all the love and care they need and you all the piece of mind you’ll ever need.

Now make sure to go and make your cat feel loved on the regular – she will give back greatly i promise!

If you don’t have a cat yet, visit your animal shelter and safe a life by adopting your next furry love of your life.

Here are some close animal shelters:

St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in Madison, NJ

Newark Animal Shelter in Newark, NJ

Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter in East Hanover, NJ

If you have any questions ever about your cat, cat care or adoption please feel free to reach out any time: