My name is Toby. I have lived on the same street in Maplewood since I was six years old, so I obviously know SOMA pretty well and will always consider it home.

I am a writer interested in fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and journalism… really any form or genre you can think of! I’ve been published in some really cool places and am excited to continue my writing journey and career.

We have five precious Guinea Pigs at home — June, Jade, Cradle, Cinnamon, and Samantha. June and Jade are best friends and live in their own little area; as are Cradle and Cinnamon, who also have their own little area; and Samantha lives on her own — we hope to find her a bestie soon!

It’s so cute to see watch them play with each other but you also have to be careful because Guinea Pigs are really territorial and very particular about their friends.

Toby is shown in a circle framed picture.

My interests include politics, movies, music (all kinds), literature, and sports. I am a huge Knicks fan and am obsessed with Formula-1 racing. I am excited to be a part of the Silver Hounds team and cannot wait to meet the adorable pups of SOMA!